IELTS Writing Task 1 – Model answer

Here is the answer to last week’s question (see the bar chart here):


The bar chart in figure 5 compares Americans between the ages of 20 and 29, in terms of sex and insurance status, who were unable to afford medical care in 2008.

It is clear that the uninsured were least likely to get medical attention when required, and irrespective of insurance, women had less access to healthcare. It is also noticeable that uninsured women comprised the majority of population who did not get medical attention when they needed it.

If one considers all Americans in this age group – regardless of coverage status – the chart shows that 9.6 percent of men couldn’t afford medical care while 10.6 percent of women faced the same problem.

However, there was a stark difference in numbers according to insurance status. Among the privately insured, only 4.3 percent of men and 5.6 percent of women were unable to get medical care, while the number of uninsured Americans who couldn’t afford medical care was nearly five times as much. (161 words)


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