IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.6 Model answer

Here’s the model answer for last week’s Speaking Part 2 question.

I’m going to talk about the time I helped a friend who was locked out of her house.

She was a student, just like me, at King’s University, and both of us lived in different houses on the same street as paying guests.

It was late at night, so it wasn’t like she could call a locksmith. Her landlord wasn’t answering the phone so there wasn’t much she could do. She called me and I invited her to stay the night.

Even though I didn’t know her very well at the time, I felt like I had to let her stay at my place because who knows, I might very well be in the same situation someday and need a roof over my head.

Here’s the original question from last week:


What band 7+ vocabulary did you find in the model answer above? Read more about how to answer questions in Speaking Part 2 and how to manage your time effectively.

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