IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.5 Model answer

Hello all, I’m feeling particularly peppy today and hopefully, my model answer will reflect my mood. This one is for the question I posted last week. Here goes:

I’m going to talk about my birthday a couple of months ago.

Actually, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party at a farmhouse a couple of days after my birthday, so it was a real surprise because I thought they weren’t going to do anything.

All of my closest friends in the city were there but the best part was, friends from all over the world had sent video messages for me. So really, all of my friends from all over world – seven countries in all – were part of the birthday celebrations.

I thought I was going to the farmhouse with a couple of friends for a weekend barbecue but when I arrived, I saw a lot of my friends there and everyone burst into the Happy birthday song. And later, they showed me the video messages from friends who couldn’t be part of the celebration. It was very touching to feel so loved – it was a really special day.

Here’s the original question from last week:


WHat band 7+ vocabulary  can you identify in my model answer above?

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