1. yes very important the peaple in my culture use the polite way during talk and eat ,learn drive every where in our live the must use the polite behaveals you can catch some behvear very rude as dont respect ateacher and dont listen to student and throw rubbish in roads

  2. yes we got have special drees thats long who caver allbady except the hands and the head often he is colour black embroidery by hand or machine and use nise colour red orange blue you can see all the colours in one drees we usally wear in celebration as wedding .national day ideel when me wear it as queen very beautiful and attractive

    1. Hi Maali
      Your answer has a lot of spelling mistakes and lacks punctuation, which makes it difficult to comprehend it.
      You would want to rephrase the first sentence to, ‘Yes, we have got a special dress.’ and then proceed to describe it.
      Also, you have to speak for 2 minutes, so your answer must consist of 4-5 sentences per sub-question.

      Good luck and keep practicing.

  3. it’s look like a maxi dress with kind of straight cut , and it comes with a lot of colors and different patterns , and some times you can find it plain and other times with some details on the chest area , and it comes with a long sleeves or short sleeves ..
    we usually wear it at the national day or in aljenadriyah which is a national festival for culture and heritage , and we wear it also if we want to make a traditional show at schools ..
    and what the people and me feel about it ? it’s kind of inspired us , stat from my community side , I saw a lot of things dons by traditional dress material from fans ,hats ,or scarfs and so on and so forth , and we still seeing more and more of creation , in the other side as a fashion lover and specially fashion design lover our traditional dress inspired me a lot even from the colors or the pattern or the design it self , and nowadays I saw a lot of fashion designs quite a bit look a like our traditional dress , and I think it’s a comfortable dress to wear which is has that kind of straight cut so it is not too tight and not too heavy.

    1. Hi Sara
      Your answer is good, just a few points to consider:
      1. You shouldn’t begin your answer with ‘it’. Begin with, ‘The traditional dress of my country looks like…’ .
      2. There are a couple of prepositions you have used incorrectly, for eg. ‘It comes ‘in’ a lot of colors’ in the first sentence not ‘with’, ‘ We wear it ‘on’ the national day’ not ‘at’. Also, instead of saying, ‘in the other side’, you might want to say, ‘on the other hand’.
      3. Take care of your tenses. Use simple present tense throughout.

      Good luck and keep practicing.

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