How to answer IELTS Speaking Part 2 questions

What happens in the IELTS Speaking Part 2?

In Part 2, the examiner gives you a cue card with written questions.
You have one minute to think about your answer. You can make notes on paper.
Then you have up to two minutes to speak and answer all the questions on your cue card.
At the end, the examiner will ask you one or two follow-up questions on the same topic.

What should I do first?

Read the cue card very carefully, making a mental note of the main questions you have to answer.

How can I use the one-minute thinking time effectively?

Always make notes. Even if you only write 4-5 words, the note-taking exercise will help you:

  • focus on the questions
  • activate vocabulary
  • answer all the questions

What is the best way to make notes?

Note-taking is a very personal exercise. Different people take notes in different ways. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula that everyone can / should use. Here are some popular note-taking styles:


Flowchart Note-taking: Organize your thoughts in a sequence so you know what to say next


Rough Note-taking: Similar to the flowchart note-taking style, but this one doesn’t use arrows. Some students say this saves time.


Spidergram Note-taking: Organize your ideas in a spidergram (spider-like-diagram)

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